What is this place? Who were the people who came here? What was the drama and events that unfolded here? Who cam e to know God in this place? Should I say who came to know God better here?

“Old Bones” The book I wrote a few years ago offers a fictional account (Based upon some actual facts) of some the spiritual drama that unfolded at this place throughout the years. But, the real truth and the perpetrators involved have not been completely revealed-YET, the whole story of spiritual warfare has not been completely told. But, it is about to be:-) and perhaps you will find my tale quite revealing, informative and mins boggling. After all, would you not expect a “house of God” to be about love, spiritual growth and healing?

But, what of the demons who lurked not just within the walls of this old chapel but were firmly entrenched in the hearts of some of those men and women who walked these grounds! Want to hear their stories? Check back from time to time. The story really never grows old, you know?

But, you might start with my book, “Old Bones.” If you would like to read tales of spiritual warfare. The work is really quite intriguing. These are strange times in which we live, join me for some tales and adventures!

By the way, can you identify this place?

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