We are going to be bringing you a variety of stories in the days ahead! Some great tales about real life and the impact that our journey has taken us on. The stories will not always be tales of the sea as such but each one will be focused upon some life adventure with a biblical and spiritual application.

I was just a kid in his late 20’s when I began creating Captain Hawk stories as a part of an overall outreach ministry to churches and organizations. Darla and I had some pretty fantastic times with the Captain Hawk Ministry and we also experienced a lot of exasperating and gut wrenching times as well. Stay with us as we create some stories that we believe will challenge, entertain and rock your world.

Stories can be different things for different people. Sometimes stories bring adventure and other times they challenge or inspire us. Some stories scare the hell out of us. At times, stories bring healing. Let’s journey together and see where it goes. My stories will be coming from a life of pastoral adventure and experiences behind a microphone, as a professor, counselor and writer.

The world today is crazier than its ever been in various ways in our lives. It’s a very good time for a great story and to talk about our lives as they “really” are. Bottom line? God is the only significant presence and power that will deliver us from the inherent evil that haunts our world and seeks to rob us of our peace of mind. If the stories of our lives are to end well we need a power and presence far greater than what we have seen especially in the past couple of months here.

2020 what’s it really about for us? It’s a time for story, reality and purpose as we live in these days of uncertainty. Stay with us, it should be interesting. That well may be an understatement! God’s best to you, stay well!

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