Dear friends,

You are cordially invited to share your memories, thoughts and bits of inspirational information with us in this BLOG! Share how God touched your life and how you believe that we reached out to the community and beyond to share the love of God with others.


  1. I never give up, I never will! I know that we touched a lot of lives and blessed a lot of people.
    To God be the glory, JESUS never fails!
    It has been a pleasure and delight to to serve and share with you 😊🙏
    Pastor Russ Hobbs

  2. Sharon says..
    Pastor, in those first few weeks and months you were our rock who was always there for us and that meant so much. I can only imagine the pain you were going through and the struggle. I’m glad to hear now that your happy and content. Thanks again for all you did for us.

  3. Heather responded..
    Attending Coleman during your years there changed my life! It’s where I was first baptized, Feb. 6th, 2011. It’s the first church I ever joined. I loved being a greeter and an usher. I loved that my mom joined me. I loved being apart of the Board. I met amazing people there. I have amazing and wonderful memories of my years there!! Thank you Pastor for all that you did there and for all that continue to do!

  4. Tammy shared..
    My prayer is that through the tough times we all draw closer to God. Yes at first it hurt. It took me a few weeks to get back into worship but l knew God would lead me to other ministries. What l experienced at Coleman the good and the bad has prepared me for situations l am going through now.

  5. Lori shared about her chapel wedding..
    I don’t remember much of what was said that day (it went fast and I was nervous) but I do know several people had told us that it was the best ceremony they ever heard.
    Thanks Lori😊 that’s a blessing 💖

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