When I was about 14 years old my Uncle Don who was a WWII vet taught me to water ski on Lake Wallenpaupack! I loved it and eventually skied the entire lake down and back which was about 26 miles, without falling once!

That summer I learned one of the most practical lessons of my life! I still thank my Uncle Don for that valuable experience and lesson.

Uncle Don told me “Russ, if you ever feel like you’re falling or you’re losing your balance OR you get tired, just let go of the rope! If you don’t you’ll get pulled under the water. If you just let go, you will comfortably sink into the water, your life jacket will keep you afloat, the spotter will see you and I’ll circle around and bring the rope back to you. Just let go, relax and enjoy the view.”

What a fabulous life lesson. Just let go of all of the garbage that weighs you down with people, places and things!

Just let go of greed, jealousy, hate, bitterness, envy, pride, self-degradation and all that nonsense that brings you down!

I was thinking about my Uncle Don this morning. He was ALWAYS a man’s man and taught me a lot of lessons that I hold dear to my heart today.

I just wish I had remembered to practice some of those lessons more often😁 I’m still working at it.

Just LET GO😊

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