WE can all work today to make our world a little bit better place to live, right?  I found and read this list this morning, what do YOU think about these suggestions?  Have a GREAT day!

  1. Donate your time, skills or money to a cause
  2. Create a bee and bird friendly garden
  3. Tell someone they did a good job. Better yet, tell their boss!
  4. Don’t listen to, or participate in, gossip (on or offline)
  5. Give gifts without the expectation of anything in return
  6. Adopt a rescue pet
  7. Cook someone a hearty meal, either in person or leave it on their door step
  8. Ask someone how they are, and give them your full attention – practice 
  9. Share your knowledge with someone
  10. Declutter, reuse, recycle or donate
  11. Smile and say hello to everyone you pass on the street
  12. Travel respectfully
  13. Pick up your dog poop 😊 Oh my, just do it!
  14. Give an elderly person some of your time – sit, talk, listen
  15. Sprinkle kindness like it’s confetti
  16. Share your own story of survival (because we’ve all fought our own battles that will strike a chord with someone else in the world). 
  17. Don’t litter
  18. Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. All of the time
  19. Live mindfully
  20. Donate blood or plasma
  21. Listen without passing judgement
  22. Express gratitude often. Personally, 
  23. Look after those you love and tell them that you love them often
  24. Give up your seat to someone on the bus or train
  25. Drive patiently. It’s not a race. And put away your phone. You don’t need it when you drive!
  26. Allow someone else their time to shine
  27. Learn more about other cultures, faiths, ideas, languages, people, history
  28. Be more considerate of others, whether you know them or not
  29. Mentor someone for free
  30. Write someone a thank you note (it could even be anonymous!)
  31. Don’t buy trashy magazines or click on click-bait headlines
  32. Help someone carry their shopping bags to the car
  33. If someone makes a mistake, gives you the wrong coffee, forgets to add sauce to your hot dog, don’t chide them. Tell them its ok. Everyone makes mistakes!
  34. Spend less time online
  35. Support your local music scene – get out to see some live bands or muso’s perform
  36. Step through life with honesty and integrity
  37. Read and tell positive stories, stories of hope, resilience and love
  38. Focus on the positive
  39. Have fun. There’s way too much seriousness in the world, and by you leading the way, others might just have fun too!
  40. Spend ‘unplugged’ time with your kids. Give them 100% of your attention
  41. Give hugs (with permission, of course!)
  42. Create art. Paint, sculpt, write a poem, produce a beautiful song. Share it with the world… or just one special person
  43. Instead of driving, walk, ride or catch the bus
  44. Be a positive role model to kids / people younger than you
  45. Don’t judge others. Remember, you have no idea what is really going on in someone’s life until you have walked in their shoes
  46. Do what you love. That alone will inspire others. What might you add to this list?


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