Has anyone ever said to you, hey why don’t you “practice what you preach! How did that make you feel in the moment?  Were you angry, hurt, ashamed, feeling guilty or picked on?

There are several reasons why we Christians do not practice what we preach at times.  A couple of things come to mind today.

First, not all who claim to be Christians really belong to Christ. Jesus warned in His parable of the wheat and the tares that there would be false believers in the world, sown by the enemy Satan, whose primary goal is to hurt and humiliate Christians so that our witness to the world would be compromised.

Satan tries to destroy Christ’s work by placing false believers and teachers in the world who lie, manipulate and lead many into places they wish they had never been. He also told us we would recognize false believers by their fruit. A bad tree does not produce good fruit, nor does a good tree produce bad fruit (Luke 6:43). Part of bad fruit is to not practice what you preach.

Second, we as Christians are not perfect. Christians are expected to “practice what they preach,” but we preach a message that is, ultimately, impossible to live up to. While sinlessness is to be our goal, it is not achievable in this lifetime. However, the fact that we fail to live up to God’s perfect standard does not change the fact that it is to be our goal and message. Sometimes we behave in an un-Christian manner out of immaturity in the faith or a lack of understanding of exactly what the Christian life entails.

New believers are often excited about their newfound faith and eager to share it with others. When, because of immaturity, their lives do not measure up to their testimony, charges of not practicing what you preach are leveled at them.  Let’s lighten up on criticizing and trying to demonize people because they don’t believe, act or think as we do!  Of course belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ is essential!  I will say it again.  WE are not fruit inspectors commissioned by God to straighten out everybody else who walks this earth.  WE are to walk humbly with our God and help lift a brother or sister who has fallen. As we grow and mature in the faith, our lives should more and more reflect the truths that we profess to believe.

Fortunately, people are not saved by whether or not others practice what they preach. Salvation is the gift of God through faith, and none of those whom God has given to Christ will be snatched out of His hand (John 10:28-29).

No amount of false professions by unbelievers or disappointing actions by immature Christians can change God’s love for us! Need to talk? Need a lift out of the pit today? Join us this week at Russ Hobbs Ministries, click on EVENTS, check us out, email us at


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