I open my Bible and I read that “Pride” can be a BIG problem! “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

“By pride comes nothing but strive.” Proverbs 28:25

I’ve heard it said that God is not out to hurt your pride, He’s out to KILL it! Is God out to empty our hearts of sinful pride today? You really can’t read scripture and come away thinking that God supports a prideful heart. But, what is harmful “stuck on yourself” pride and arrogance. You write a book and you put your name on it. Are you tooting your own horn, screaming to the world, “HEY, look at me! I can write books, preach sermons, sing songs, scale buildings and walk on thin air! Is it wrong to feel great about our accomplishments and the things we enjoy doing or want to accomplish?

I once worked for this “Christian” fella who often had something derogatory to say about ministries I was creating, broadcasts I was producing or something I was writing or working on at the time. It felt like he was slamming me and putting me down for wanting to achieve my goals. His words basically fell on deaf ears and I just kept pursuing my goals and am pleased what I have been able to accomplish through the power of God.

I was looking at this website this morning 7 Causes of Pride: How to be More Humble! – ADORNED HEART and you may find some of the information interesting and useful.

I do not want to be prideful, arrogant or insensitive to God or those around me that I work and fellowship with. I think there’s another kind of pride that exists in our world today. It’s a self pride when you feel the need or religious churchy responsibility of putting others down to raise yourself up in your own eyes and those of others. I believe it is FALSE PRIDE of which scripture speaks of and God abhors.

WE ought to enjoy the gifts that God bestows us with and bring praise and glory to His name in our use and performance of those gifts.

I would be happy to discuss this further, feel free to comment on this site or email me at rhobbs@dejazzd.com

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