How many of us have struggled with some resentment and bitterness since the new year, 2023 got underway just a couple of months ago?  Maybe it was old resentments from months or years ago.  It could be some new offense dumped on us by family, friends or associates.  But, whatever and from wherever it has us seething within and ready to call down holy fire!  Does that describe you today or in the past?  Stay with us, keep reading!

What if I were to tell you that there is a sane way to get a handle on our anger, resentment and bitterness and that the Apostle Peter shared the name of the healer and formula for dealing with bitterness centuries ago?

Resentment is often a reaction to being insulted or having one’s errors or weaknesses exposed. Resentment can be directed at an action, a statement, or a person—often, an authority figure, such as a parent, a teacher, or God. Resentment is the cheapest and least legitimate form of anger. It is all emotion and no strength.

Resentment can be sparked by perceived unfair treatment by another person. It could be an injustice, like not getting a deserved promotion, or it could be an insult. Either way, resentment stems from a love of the things of the world and a lack of faith in God and His plan. It is legitimate to recognize unfair treatment, and even to do something about it. But it is not helpful to wallow in feelings of self-righteous anger.

Sometimes, people feel resentment when God allows or orchestrates an injustice in the course of everyday life! Another situation that can foster resentment is when we are dishonored because of personal sin. Being accused of a failing we’re innocent of is injustice. Being accused of sin we are guilty of can bring overwhelming shame and denial. Sometimes the only way God can draw our attention to our sin is to expose our faults in public. As the saying goes, “He loves us too much to leave us where we are.” We may dislike what God is speaking into our lives, but resentment isn’t going to help.

Resentment is a passive, weak emotion that has no place in the Christian life. If there is injustice, we should deal with it through prayer and godly action. If there is insult, we should concentrate on who we are in Christ and not place too much value on the hateful words of others.

1 Peter 5:10, check that verse out.  The healer of anger, hate and resentment is God!  I’m sure that you already know that, but what you may not know is that “resentment” doesn’t just quickly go away!  The healing process is not an overnight occurrence.  Don’t get angry and resent God when your resentment and bitterness just doesn’t go away.  Look at that verse again, it indicates that after you have suffered awhile, stewed in your own juices so to speak that God is going to do four things in our life regarding our struggle with resentment.  God will 1. Perfect you 2. Establish you 3. Strengthen you 4. Establish and settle you.

It’s a process that takes time and the hand of God upon your life.  God will perfect you, make you feel whole and like a person. A human being again.  He will establish you, deal with your brokenness and soured emotions, He will provide strength for you to move forward, again AND HE will establish you, put your feet on firm ground and settle you or quiet you down so that you can get on with your life!

Pretty cool, huh? Hang in there and keep believing😊

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